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Surveys, Training, Guidance

Regulatory compliance may sometimes require other type of supporting data to prove an argument, claim or fact. Sources may be other laws, the market, science & technology knowledge. EU Food Comply has years of experience in achieving cross-disciplinary data for regulatory validation. Our experience in collaborating with health, scientific and academic institutions as well as in technical market research has proven highly valuable to help with difficult questions.

Regulatory Survey

Updates on a specific food regulatory area. Covers existing and upcoming laws, as well as the regulatory environment and how companies deal with it. 

Market Survey

The European food (technical) market is often a source of useful information for specific regulatory questions. Our European Market Survey Service helps you get the right information.

Scientific Surveys

This service helps with questions requiring specific information from scientists, literature and other scientific sources.

Combined Surveys

This service enables integration of focused information from various sources: food law and regulatory affairs, food science and technology, engineering, European market.


EU Food Comply offers basic and advanced in-company trainings on legal and technical aspects of regulatory compliance. These are practical trainings for food businesses, that cover laws as well as industrial approach. Training areas: Seminar: Rules and Regulations for Food Exporters to the European Union. Workshops: Food Laws & Product Development Master Class: Food Law in the European Union


Companies often prefer to carry out legal or technical compliance work in-company, but need specific knowledge. EU Food Comply provides guidance in the knowledge gaps of companies, to enable them to carry out the work successfully internally.