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Dr. Martha Cecilia Kühn

Global Project Director
General Manager & Partner

Specialisation: food regulatory compliance for the food industry; compliance information specialist

Background: Dr. Kühn has worked for the private and public food sectors for more than 25 years (Unilever, Koikeya Company, DSM, CSM, Cosun, CSK food ingredients, Taiyo Kagaku; German Federal Research Centre, Oregon State University). In the food industry, she has worked in finished foods, intermediates and ingredients; functional and conventional foods for consumer and industrial markets. Dr. Kühn is adjunct food law researcher and lecturer at Wageningen University.  Degrees: PhD in food technology at the Technical University of Munich, Germany; MSc. in food science and technology with minor in nutrition at Oregon State University, USA; B.Sc. In Biochemistry at McGill University, Canada. Publications: Dr. Kühn has published books, articles, chaired food conferences. She has lectured trained at companies in Europe, USA, Japan and South Korea. She is guest lecturer at Wageningen University on food regulatory affairs. Main books are: “The Functional Food Dossier: Building Solid Health Claims” (link); “State of the European functional food market 1999” (link); “Creating Future Business Opportunities” (link).