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Effective regulatory compliance requires a combination of knowledge and practical experience in various disciplines. It requires understanding of the EU legal system and knowing how to work with authorities and inspectors. Dossiers and documents require expertise in food law and regulatory affairs; industrial food science and technology; sciences such as nutrition, toxicology, chemistry, biochemistry; practical know-how and network in dealing with law and authorities; industrial products development and food safety; human clinical trials; and then skills to integrate this into successful documents and results. For this reason our team is a combination of different European specialists (See: People).

Our business model is a holistic approach to food regulatory compliance in the European Union. They combine regulatory affairs with food technology and market aspects, and fall into 3 service groups:

  • Regulatory services
  • Technical services
  • Other compliance services

List of Services

Food regulatory affairs services

EU Market Entry Documents & Issues
Product Validation and Legal Check
EU Procedures
EU Food Authorisations
Food Label
Additives and Ingredients
Processing Aids, Enzymes, Extraction solvents, Gases
Food Processing
Food Claims
Novel Foods
GM foods
Foods for Specific Groups (FSG) Services
Protection of Food Products in the European Union
Food Dossiers
Food Regulatory Exploration
Food Regulatory Project Management
Product Tests
Product Reformulation, Product Adaptation

Food technical services

Product Tests: Ingredients, Bioactives, Foods
Product and Process Adaptation – Reformulation
Product Suitability Study
Technical Project Management
Scientific Validation

Other compliance services

Regulatory Survey
Market Survey
Industrial Food Science & Technology Survey
Combined Survey

The Food Law Desk is a rapid and efficient service for questions on regulatory compliance in the European Union.