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We have served many companies, big and small, in Europe, America and Asia.
Food manufacturers, ingredient and equipment suppliers. Food multinationals and companies in general.
Within others: Unilever, SaraLee, P&G, Koikeya Company, Meneba Meel, COSUN sugar cooperative, DSM, Proliant, BF Goodrich, Loders Crocklaan, Givaudan, Roche, Taiyo Kagaku, DMV International, CSK Food Ingredients.

Geographic span
Our work covers EU and national law of many EU countries. Most requests and work have been for Germany, United Kindgom, Netherlands Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, but also Scandinavian countries, Finland and former Eastern European countries.We assist companies located worldwide. The yellow dots in the world map show where we have worked in-company.

Food manufacturers as well as ingredient suppliers. Sometimes we assist also manufacturers of food process manufacturing and packaging equipment.

Our services are applicable to all food and ingredient products.
Our clients benefit greatly from our cross-sector experience.

Types of collaboration
Consultancy, coaching, training.
At distance, in-company or at ‘third locations’, as the project dictates.