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Prof. Dr. mr. Bernd van der Meulen

Senior food law associate & Partner

Specialisation: European and global food law

Background: Prof. van der Meulen is chair professor for European food law at Wageningen University, Netherlands. He has worked for the Dutch competition authority; carried out studies for governements and DGs of the European Union; is invited lecturer at universities in Belgium, Russia, …

Prof. van der Meulen is chairman of the Dutch Association for Food Law, director of the European Institute for Food Law and board member of the European Food Law Association; editor of the European Food and Feed Law Review. Most relevant from his many publications are the books “Food Safety Law in the European Union” and “European Food Law Handbook”.

At EU food comply, the knowledge and network of Prof. van der Meulen provides for guidance and supervision to consulting, documents, studies, law validation and effective dealing with European food authorities.