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…for EU-market fit foods!

The European Union market
With 350 million of consumers of high average income per capita, the European Union (EU) market is one of the most important and desirable markets in the world. Yet with its 27 member states with various levels of legal requirements, it is highly complex from a legal compliance point of view.

EU Food Law
The food sector is one of three most heavily regulated sectors in the EU. To a large extent, food law is science-based. In EU food law, there are horizontal and vertical laws; laws for ingredients, product, process, package; laws for various levels of processing; laws on product communication, traceability, intellectual property rights and many more.
Although efforts have been made to reach a working level of harmonisation, this is far from being the case. And even in the most harmonised cases, national differences in law enforcement are a sad reality. Knowing which requirements apply to each product and how to comply most effectively in the various countries is essential for food companies.

Filling an important know-how gap
Food law compliance in Europe is particularly intricate. Because food law is science based, it requires knowledge of the laws, but also of science and technology, and their industrial application! Further, the diversity in languages and cultural environments make EU-coverage extremely difficult to the extent that there was no food regulatory affairs consultancy with a pan-European coverage. Years ago we were invited to form the first such inter-European consultancy in continental Europe. And we did.

Now EU Food Comply is the most complete, versatile and efficient food regulatory affairs consultancy in Continental Europe. We integrate years of  high-level, combined experience in the various aspects of food law compliance, serving many companies. This requires knowledge not only of food law, but also of industrial product and process technology, scientific validation and market information; and most importantly, how to combine these to provide results that no-one else in Europe can, in a highly skilled and effective way. Years of service to blue chip companies speak for trust in our services. We network extensively with EU professionals and are members of the leading food regulatory affairs associations in Europe. And we continuously invest in our skills to maintain our leadership position in Europe!