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Food Law Desk

The Food Law Desk attends questions on EU food law, regulatory affairs and legal compliance for marketing of food products, blends & intermediates, food ingredients, bioactives, supplements and food technologies in the European Union.

It is the only legal desk in Continental Europe that provides EU-wide support, with main focus on West-European member states. Services are provided by the team of EU Food Comply and benefit from more than 10 years of experience in the field and its extended network with authorities and European food law specialists.

It assists companies with questions on:

  • entry requirements
  • additives and product formulation
  • allergens
  • food labels, QUID, allergens, claims made on food
  • legal documents
  • consultation with EU food authorities
  • solving problems with inspectors and national food regulatory agencies

Note: To use these services, a Food Law Desk account must be opened. Opening and keeping an account carries no costs, but it takes some days. Thus to be able to use the Food Law Desk when needed, request your account opening today at info@foodcomply.eu.