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Specialists in industrial food regulatory and technical compliance in the European Union, with focus on EU market entry documents and requirements


Industrial food manufacturers; process technology companies; raw material, ingredient, additive and bioactive suppliers; food supplement suppliers.

Industrial sectors

We work on all industrial sectors. Examples of sectors we have worked in: Foods: Confectionery, Snacks, Bakery, Dairy, Ready Meals, Sauces and sauce concentrates, Juices and their concentrates, Spreads & salads, and many others Materials, Ingredients, Additives, Bioactives, Supplements: Sweeteners, Phytosterols, Texture and hydrocolloids, Dairy, Fats & Oils, Fat replacers, sugars, flour and cereal ingredients, and many others Technologies: Various conventional and new technologies applied to foods; Also pharmaceutical technologies.

Focus, Geographic Span

Focus on food law, regulatory affairs and compliance in the European Union. We work with national and EU regulatory authorities (DG Sanco) as well as the national and European food safety authorities (EFSA, FSA, CBG-MEB and others), as required by projects. Focus are member states in Western Europe. Our clients are located worldwide.


Our team has food multinational experience of international level. Our services have been used by big and small companies, from SME’s to food multinationals, located in Europe, Americas and Asia. We have worked or have collaborations with companies and organisations worldwide, including: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Baltic States, Japan, South Korea, China, India, USA, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and the European Commission.