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EU Food Comply is a different type of regulatory compliance consultancy, designed by former senior food multinational managers to make a real difference to other existing options. Our team has been carefully selected to be able to provide superior, combined services that give a true advantage to our clients. Below a summary of what makes us really different.


  • Our team comprises experienced technical, lawyers and scientists. Our combined knowledge and experience allows us an integrated understanding from the legal, technical and development aspects. This brings faster and clearer roads to solutions as well as new possibilities.Important is also that we are dedicated to EU food law; cover all packaged food sectors;  work internationally in Europe; and are based in continental Europe. This gives our services unique depth and focus.
  • Our combined practical industrial experience in food regulatory affairs + food sciences + technical market research is very useful in the preparation of suitability studies, food dossiers & legal documents, required underpinning evidence and data, accelerating approval procedures while reducing needed resources.
  • We cherish and continuously develop our extensive professional network, which includes EU’s Directorate Generals, EFSA, European food law associations, food industry & businesses, academia, research organizations, independent advisors. Needles to say that our direct contact with authorities at the EU and in Member States and beyond is a powerful instrument.
  • We know Who is Who in the world of European regulatory affairs. This allows us to select the leading local experts to collaborate with for local questions.
  • Our unique Food Law Desk offers rapid and efficient service to short questions, while making full use of our know-how.
  • Staffed by former industry managers, we developed and use a practical “in-company” business model, which functions as an external partner to our Client. Besides advisers and problem solvers, we are also sparring partners, pinpointing new unforeseen solutions and guidance. As “in-company” our services are practical, confidential and highly flexible, and skilfully accommodate to rapid changes typical of the modern food market.  The roots of our internationality come from our previous senior-level employment to food multinationals such as Unilever, Sara Lee and Danone.