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Dr. Onno Korver

Senior scientific associate

Specialisation: industrial nutritional sciences

Background: Dr. Korver was Head of the Unilever Nutrition Centre and Unilever’s global chief nutrition scientist for 20 years. He was during this period member of the Board of the National Nutrition Foundation (advisor to the Health Minister in the Netherlands), board member at ILSI Europe and Secretary/Treasurer of the European Academy of Nutritional Sciences. He is one of the founding members of the European Nutrition Leadership Program, where he is still active as a Board Member. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of EUFIC’d Scientific Advisory Forum and chair of the Medical Ethical Committee of Wageningen University. Dr. Korver was responsible for the safety clearance and scientific substantiation of claims for Unilever’s food products. He also successfully obtained Novel and Health claims for products, that helped establish the Becel Pro Active health food brand for Unilever. He was a pioneer in dealing with authorities to develop procedures in the areas of Novel and functional foods. He is main author of ‘The Functional Foods Dossier’ (ISBN 9058590046), an industrial guide on the preparation of the European health claim dossier.