Regulatory and technical compliance of foods in the European Union

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Marketing food products in the European Union means reaching the largest food market in the world. With 27 individual member states, this also means dealing with a complex set of regulations. EU food comply is the European regulatory affairs and compliance specialist originally located in the Netherlands and now moved to Portugal, with associates in various countries of the European Union, UK and Switzerland.

EU food comply assists food companies and organizations worldwide to comply with EU food regulations for their food products. Services cover introduction as well as problem-solving during marketing and product development. This may include label, ingredient and formulation checks; preparation of documents; product tests; dealing with authorities; reviewing food law applicability; updates on regulatory developments; answering questions and clearing problems. EU food comply integrates food lawyers and industrial food technologists in a holistic approach to food regulatory compliance that solves problems more rapidly, efficiently and at lower costs for food businesses.

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EU Food Comply merges with Arcadia International

On October 2022 two leading European food regulatory consultancies merged: EU Food Comply and Arcadia International. The resulting merger thus becomes one of the most experienced and knowledgeable food reguatory compliance service providers in the European Union and beyond. Contact…


Pan-European study on EU entry documents and requirements

The first complete study of food market entry documents and requirements required in the European Union was concluded by EU Food Comply in 2013. It was published as the chapter “Importing food into the EU” in the EU Food Law Handbook, 2nd ed., edited by Prof. Bernd van der Meulen director of the Food Law group of Wageningen University in the Netherlands.
The study overviewed EU market entry laws, documents, official controls and food regulatory rules and requirements for marketing industrial foods in the European Union; clarified requirements according to food groups to reduce entry problems and delays, reduce costs and mistakes. Contact…


UK food compliance after Brexit

Assisting companies with their UK food, beverage and food supplement compliance needs has been an important part of EU Food Comply and Arcadia International business for more than 15 years.
The merger EU Food Comply-Arcadia International continues to provide these services after Brexit. Our local UK consultants keep up to date with changes in national food law, rules and requirements. Contact…

Special Services


EU ingredient permissibility, food product recipe check, EU regulatory translations and verification as well as general compliance questions on EU and national food law, regulatory affairs and food import into the EU – highly practical, efficient and experienced services since 2008.


Regulatory Updates

customized summaries covering various aspects related to specific food law developments in the European Union. An important tool for strategic decision making. Helps companies fill gaps of key knowledge.