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Product Tests, Reformulation, Technical Requirements, Validation and Documentation

In the European Union, food law regulates certain technical aspects of food products. These may relate to product composition (formulation), manufacturing process, package or properties. Normally several laws often applies to one product. Technical product data is needed for market validity. Food regulatory compliance of technical aspects are obligatory before entering the EU market. Efficient addressing of food regulatory obligations requires simultaneous legal and technical compliance expertise and practical industrial experience. EU Food Comply has carefully selected its team of specialists to provide companies with highly efficient services throughout the European Union and more than 20 years of experience. Our team has worked at senior level for food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers, thus bringing the needed results rapidly while reducing costs and errors for our clients.

Product Tests: Ingredients, Bioactives, Foods

Various types of product data -chemical, microbiological, biotechnological, physical, nutritional- may need to be presented to authorities to prove product regulatory compliance. Our Product Tests Services provide advice; establish the exact requirements and required methodology; select the appropriate (certified) laboratory; project management; deal with authorities. See also: Technical Project Management

Product and Process Adaptation – Reformulation

If certain aspects of the product formulation or process are not permitted, they must be modified before EU market entry. Modifications can be done by your R&D department or at a product development facility in Europe. Our product development specialists help you establish the exact obligatory requirements and explore options. We also provide advice and guidance for in-company work as well as technical project management assistance in Western Europe, with focus on regulatory compliance. See also: Additives and Ingredients, Project Management

Product Suitability Study

Products that claim specific uses or benefits require substantiation. This may involve nutritional, medical, physiological or other technical, scientific or market data. Our Product Suitability Study Service assists in obtaining the correct substantiation from scientific as well as market and legal sources.

Technical Project Management

These Project Management Services are specialised on the management of product technical work in Western Europe. They benefit from our long experience and know-how in contracting-out (outsourcing) food technical work in various European countries. Include: partner selection; R&D contract negotiation; project design, management and implementation. Focus of technical projects is EU regulatory compliance. Services are customised and confidential, and lead by industrial product and process developers. See also: Technical Project Management

Scientific Validation

Certain regulatory issues, such as product claims, require scientific proof. This Scientific Validation Service serves to gather needed scientific information through literature studies, interviews and surveys, competitor product information and other sources.