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A glance at EU food comply

EU food comply is a specialised consultancy for food regulatory affairs and compliance in the European Union. Our business model has its roots at food multinationals, where new needs must be filled with top level performance at inter-European level. Our crew combines former food multinational managers and university professors, with food-relevant government experience. We integrate legal and technical aspects for increased efficiency in food regulatory compliance. Our work focus are industrial food products in Western Europe. Our clients are food businesses located worldwide.


Started as an independent unit in 2008, EU Food Comply is based on more than 30 years of experience in the food industry. It is a collaboration of 4 organisations: Bruin-Kühn & Partners BV, Foodlink Forum, the European Institute for Food Law and the Law and Governance group of Wageningen University.

Combined disciplines

Our specialists with ample experience in a variety of fields:

Legal / Regulatory: food law and regulatory affairs; food label (labelling), allergens, ingredient declarations; additives, ingredients and supplements; industrial processing for food use; food claims: health claims, nutrition claims, origin claims, others; protected geographical status; Novel foods; GM foods; intellectual property rights

Technology & Science: industrial product and process development; food and nutritional sciences; industrial product and process development; food safety; scientific substantiation studies; product adaptation for market entry; food test management; product suitability studies; scientific validation

Food market studies: market research for regulatory questions and patent infringement product benchmarking

Communication & Training: legal, technical and scientific validation reports product legitimization assistance with publications and presentations ‘food regulatory update’ regulatory exploration studies

Service scope

We provide advice; deal with authorities in member states and at DG Sanco; assist in the preparation, submission and follow up legal documentation and product tests; help solve food entry problems into the European Union; carry out regulatory studies, updates and specialised information gathering; do in-company training of professionals.

Professional Associations

Through our team we participate in the following professional associations:


  • European Food Law Association (EFLA)
  • Dutch association for food law, Netherlands (NVLR)
  • European Institute for Food Law (EFLI)